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Schools and Clubs Programme

Creating impactful change where it matters, through our community of schools and clubs

Through our Schools & Clubs Programme, we are bringing a science-led, data-driven approach to the school playing fields - the front line of our mission to reduce the incidence and impact of injury in sport. Our school network, and the tracks, fields, pitches, pools and courts where young people develop their sporting skills and sustain their first injuries, sits at the very heart of our strategy. This is where real insight into the cause and effect of injury can be uncovered and transformative change implemented.

At the core of our Schools & Clubs Programme is an innovative and accessible digital platform that aims to transform the relationship young people have with injury. The Podium digital platform will simultaneously gather longitudinal sports injury data, disseminate knowledge, which may be the result of existing best practice or it may be new learnings and insight uncovered by the Podium Institute of Youth Sports Medicine & Technology.  The Podium digital platform will also be a means to communicate change initiatives, as well as providing schools with tools and dashboards to oversee and manage their sports related injuries.

“David Ross Education Trust (DRET) schools were some of the first schools to pilot the Podium platform. This work and focus on young people is absolutely critical and a real opportunity for our schools to contribute to and benefit from innovation in sport, helping to translate insight into action that is deliverable in a range of school environments.”
Stuart Burns, CEO, David Ross Education Trust

As more sports national governing bodies work with us to implement the Podium digital platform in their clubs, with sport-specific capabilities, we will be able to provide to schools and colleges insight into the workload that their pupils are exposed to outside of school and any injuries sustained in different contexts. For the first time we will begin to have an understanding of the variety and volume of sport played by young people and how this contributes to injury.

Podium is highly cognisant that our players' data is the most sensitive data that is possible to collect and manage. You can find out more about how we only collect that data with the explicit consent of those involved, here, and how we secure that data in our systems by anonymising it and protecting it with our ISO27001 Security Operations Centre twenty-four hours a day, here.

For young people and their parents, teachers and coaches, to schools, sports clubs and Sports Governing Bodies, our platform provides a new and unique way to track, treat, manage, learn and connect, enabling all audiences to both contribute to, and directly benefit from, a nationwide effort to creating a safer world of sport.

If you would like to join the programme or would like to find out more, please contact our team