Creating a
safer world
of sport

Podium Analytics is an NGO that seeks to significantly reduce the incidence and long-term impact of injury in sport. Our objective is to help ensure that more people can participate in sport for a lifetime.

Science-led, data-driven with innovation and technology at its heart

Podium Analytics will use both science and data to inform the development of innovative solutions to reduce or prevent injuries in sport. We are assembling world-leading academics, engineers and technologists, as well as working collaboratively with global sports bodies, to tackle the problem.

Our initial focus will be on the UK and sports played between the ages of 11-18, establishing research and development programmes with a number of leading academic bodies.

“Safety in sports is paramount and is something I am deeply passionate about. This is an issue I have been all too aware of over the course of my career and I have spent the past two years analysing the issues and planning how we might address this problem. Podium Analytics is bringing together the best minds and a truly progressive and entrepreneurial approach to making real and lasting change in this area.”

Ron Dennis CBE, Chairman of Podium Analytics

Podium Analytics appoints Andy Hunt as CEO

Andy Hunt, former CEO of World Sailing, will oversee the launch and growth of Podium Analytics. Previously, Andy was the CEO of the British Olympic Association and is currently a non-executive director of England Hockey and Gloucester Rugby.

“There has never been a more important time to coordinate and drive research and science in sports safety. This is a vitally important issue for sport that needs to be tackled. We look forward to working in partnership with governing bodies and other sports stakeholders to address these challenges.”

Andy Hunt, CEO of Podium Analytics

Podium Analytics to create a world-class research programme

The programme will drive research to ensure a clearer understanding into the impact and incidence of sports injury over the coming decade. Working with leading UK academic bodies, Podium Analytics will conduct studies across multiple sports with an initial focus on 11-18 year olds.

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