NGO and charity committed to reducing injury in sport

We are Podium Analytics

“Safety in sport is paramount and it’s essential that the focus shifts to young people. These early years are where habits are formed and injuries are first sustained, and this tracks from youth to adulthood, shaping the overall health and wellbeing of an individual throughout their life.”


Our Vision: 
More sport, less injury

Our Mission:
To significantly reduce the incidence and impact of injury in youth and grassroots sport

Our Approach:
Science-led, data-driven


Focus where it matters most

Sports injury is a big issue, and we are focused on driving change where it matters most.

Our work puts young people at the heart of research, shifting the traditional focus of sports injury research, which is principally adult-focused, and based upon treatment, to preventative solutions looking at the causes of injury, designed for and proven at a youth and grassroots level.

Young people are particularly vulnerable due to physical development and participation in multiple sports. Addressing the issue of sports injury in these crucial years will have a hugely positive impact on the physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing of young people as they grow, enabling them to participate in the sports they love for years to come.


We believe that only science and data can drive deep understanding and enable meaningful, measurable change; it is this philosophy that we have built into Podium Analytics and that we are committed to bringing to wider sport.

Working with world-class medical and sports science professionals, engineers and technologists, we will use science and data to spotlight the scale and complexity of sports injury in young people, informing the development of solutions that tackle the root cause of injury. 

our approach


Injury cannot be studied in isolation. Our holistic approach uniquely considers all interlinked, core and periphery factors relating to the cause and effect of injury, studying four main areas of insight - injury, illness, exposure and wellbeing.


Driving change through collaboration

We are collaborating closely and openly with sports governing bodies and other sports and education stakeholders, sharing in the understanding that safety improvements made at the youth level will have a positive knock-on effect on sports participation at all levels.

Sports Governing Bodies

We are working with Sports Governing Bodies, collaborating on research, cases for change and dissemination of knowledge.


We are engaged with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and the Department for Education to drive systemic change.


We are working with Podium Partner schools to collect our initial data, test and refine our approach, as well as deliver targeted sport or injury-specific trials and studies.


We are working with the clubs networks of National Governing Body partners to provide improved oversight of injury incidence.


We are working with athletes with their own unique injury stories and perspectives, to ensure that the athlete point of view is always front of mind, and to help to inspire young people to think, feel and act differently when it comes to preventing and managing injury.

Bringing the best minds together

Podium Analytics is an independent team of hand-picked specialists, with proven expertise and leadership in business, academia, science, technology and sport, who share in a sense of responsibility for shaping a safer legacy for sport.

Podium Team

Andy Hunt

Chief Executive Officer

Chairman and Founder

Sir Ron Dennis CBE

Founding shareholder, former CEO & Chairman of the McLaren Technology Group

Medical Director and Trustee

Peter Hamlyn

Consultant Neurosurgeon and Specialist in Sport and Exercise Medicine


Kristina Murrin CBE

Leader in Innovation & Social Change


Robin Fenwick

Sports Marketing Expert


Donald Mackenzie

Co-Founder and Co-Chair of CVC Capital Partners (CVC)