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National Trial of Head Injury Management Tool to Monitor Concussion in Grassroots Sport Gets Underway

  • 06 June 2023 – Following the launch of the UK Concussion Guidelines for Grassroots Sport, Podium Analytics (“Podium”), a charity committed to reducing injury in sport, is pleased to announce the launch of a two year trial of its Head Injury Management Tool (“Traffic-Light System“) to manage the return to play process within its SportSmart digital platform.

    The SportSmart app is already used by over 165,000 people and is free for sports coaches, school teachers and parents to use to record and manage suspected head injuries in grassroots sport.

    Explaining the need for their technology, CEO at Podium Analytics, Andy Hunt said: “Only 2% of UK schools and grassroots sports clubs have a system for recording and managing sport-related concussion. For organisations to successfully implement the new government concussion guidelines, a centralised digital system to record and manage head injury incidences is needed. Podium’s Head Injury Management Tool within the SportSmart app is immediately available for all UK schools and clubs at no cost to the users.”

    Sports Minister Stuart Andrew MP welcomed the news: “Sport is vital to our physical and mental well being so it is crucial that we do all we can to prioritise safety for all involved. We have now implemented the first UK-wide guidance to help people recognise and manage concussion at a grassroots level helping to make sport safer for all. Alongside our guidance, technology has an important role to play in tracking and measuring the incidence of concussion at a grassroots level, and I would encourage organisations to get involved.”

    Laurence Geller, The Ministerial Advisor on Concussion and Chairman of Love Of The Game, explained the process he had led: “Working with Love Of The Game the charity which, for the past three years, had been instigating the development of and investigation into various domestic and international platforms, such as Canada’s Complete Concussion Management, designed to record, manage and measure head injuries in grassroots sport, the DCMS panels recognised the need for a consistent and measurable return to play and recovery methodology. The Innovation and Technology Forum identified the Head Injury Tool and "Traffic-Light System" within the SportSmart app as reflecting best practices from around the world, and currently shows the most potential. As such, we support the recommendation for the immediate commencement of a two-year trial of the Head Injury Management Tool and concurrent research into its efficacy.  

    "This is an ever-changing field and the more we encourage research, innovation and the development of new technologies, the more we hope to reduce safety concerns amongst current and potential players and have ever greater participation in our sports than exists today.”

    Professor James Calder, Chair of the Expert Drafting Group for the new Concussion Guidelines commented: “This App is a crucial step forward to protect those who have been concussed and prevent further injury. Developing an App that allows an individual to actively self-manage their recovery and return to education/work and exercise is crucial for a timely and full recovery following a concussion. Embarking on this two-year trial of the Head Injury Management Tool will help us to measure both the adoption and effectiveness of the new UK Concussion Guidelines. The data collected from recording head injuries incidents through the platform will inform our discussions as we review and refine our guidance in the future.”

    Alex Danson MBE, former England Women’s Hockey Captain, Olympic gold medallist and Podium Athlete Ambassador, commented: “I have personally experienced the severe impact that concussion can have on your life, whether it takes place on or off the pitch. As a former elite athlete, a mother of two young children, and now as a coach, I know that we need to encourage everyone to take these new UK concussion guidelines seriously and to seize the opportunity that Podium is offering schools and clubs with its SportSmart app.”

    The SportSmart platform is easy to use, highly secure and fully compliant with UK GDPR. There is no limitation to the number of schools and clubs that can take part in the trial. For further information and any clubs, schools or parents wishing to take part, can visit for more information:

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    Media notes

    About SportSmart

    Free to use, the SportSmart app allows parents, clubs, coaches, teachers and schools to log and report people’s sports injuries. The Head Injury tool within the app specifically allows people to record and manage suspected head injuries in line with the new Concussion Guidelines.

    SportSmart uses the latest UK Concussion guidance, providing a concussion recognition and symptom severity tool as well as providing a traffic light notification system to alert relevant adults that a player or athlete has a suspected concussion. It brings together a single view across multiple sport and multiple environments where someone might participate in sport. It identifies the availability of a player during and after the new minimum 21-day return-to-play period.

    Importantly, SportSmart allows data to be shared amongst all the organisations and places where a person may be playing sport – for example, a young person playing sport for their school and another sport for a local club as well as across multiple sports. That player’s profile, and any suspected head injury and the management of that injury, will be recorded and be accessible to all those environments where they play sport (subject to their consent to share the data).

    SportSmart has taken the world’s best practice in this area and on the recommendation of the 60 experts convened by DCMS and is being implemented to support the new UK Concussion Guidelines.


    About Podium Analytics

    Podium Analytics is an NGO, registered as a charity (England, Wales and Scotland) with a vision to create a safer world of sport. Founded by Ron Dennis CBE, its mission is to significantly reduce the incidence and impact of sports injury, with a focus on youth and grassroots sport. Podium’s team is made up of hand-picked specialists with proven expertise in business, academia, science, technology and sport, who share in a sense of responsibility for shaping a safer legacy for sport. SportSmart is the schools and clubs programme from Podium Analytics, designed to help PE teachers and sport coaches deliver safer sport.


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