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Safety in Sport Perception Survey

First-of-its-kind survey to understand your views on issues in sports safety

This survey is now closed.

As part of our mission to create a safer world of sport, we have launched our annual Safety in Sport Perception Study, a first-of-its-kind tracking tool for the status of real and perceived issues in sports safety.

Created in collaboration with YouGov and our Sports Partners (England Athletics, England Hockey and the RFU), the survey will provide insight into the perceptions, attitudes and behaviours influencing sports safety and sports injury. It will also assess the general understanding and awareness of sports safety as an issue.


The survey explores broad, multi-sport questions and topics including:
  • Sporting issues considered most important
  • Whether injury is considered a top issue in sport
  • Why some sports are considered to have a higher likelihood of injury
  • Causes and consequences of injury
  • Who should be responsible for sports safety
  • Experiences of sports injury
  • Behaviours relating to sport and injury mitigation
  • Sports equipment
  • Views on respondents’ children’s participation in sport
  • The mental health and wellbeing impact of sports injury
“The launch of this study marks a key moment in Podium's Research Strategy. As an annual temperature check for the safety in sport topic, Podium will be able to assess perception and trends over time and monitor the impact of future changes and programmes of work. Working with our partners, we'll be able to identify education and behavioural change opportunities, for each sport and in collaboration across all sports.”
Andy Hunt, CEO, Podium Analytics
Your answers are completely anonymous.

Depending on how you respond to the first few questions, this survey will take a minimum of 10 minutes or a maximum of 25 minutes to complete.

You need to be 18-years-old or older to complete the survey.

The survey applies to both people who can participate fully without any restriction in organised sport, and to people with a disability who take part in organised sport.

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