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Understanding Head Injuries: Podium Analytics and Return2Play partner to enhance player safety in grassroots sport

  • In a recent article published in The Sunday Times by Glen Keogh and David Walsh, the discussion surrounding head injuries in grassroots sport has gained significant attention. The article (found here) highlights the statistics and long-term consequences that a head injury can cause and sheds light on the need for improved player safety and enhanced protocols. 
    At Podium Analytics, we are at the forefront of addressing this issue and, through our partnership with Return2Play (part of Meliora Medical Group), we are working towards a world where head injury in sport is mitigated and gold-standard medical care is easily accessible to those with injuries.
    As part of our ongoing work together, Sam Barke, Head of Sports Medicine at Return2Play, and Peter Hamlyn, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Medical Director and Trustee at Podium Analytics, have produced a series of highly informative videos on the topic of concussion. Both are renowned experts in the field of sport-related head injury and returning players safely to normal life and sport post-concussion.
    These videos serve as invaluable resources for athletes, coaches and parents, providing essential knowledge about the signs, symptoms, and management of concussion. 

  • The highly accessible content has been created to empower viewers to recognise and respond to a potential head injury, and understand the importance of effective head injury management and a guided return to play, emphasising the significance of gradual return-to-play protocols, ensuring athletes can safely resume their sporting activities with a reduced risk of further harm. 
    Explore our ‘Concussion and Return to Play’ content on the SportSmart Hub to find more resources and insights promoting awareness and understanding of concussions in the sporting community. 
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