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Complete Concussions

Evidence-informed concussion management courses, training and clinical network for licensed healthcare practitioners
  • Complete Concussions (CCMI) analyses leading research from global sources to develop best-in-class approaches to concussion care.

    A global leader in concussion solutions for grassroots and professional sport, CCMI has extensive experience developing multidisciplinary evidence-based concussion training programs and a suite of technological solutions for doctors, allied health professionals, as well as schoolteachers and youth coaches.

    The partnership will see both organisations collaborate on the development of head injury training materials aimed at volunteer coaches, teachers and parents. Podium and CCMI will identify clinically validated tools and technologies to help identify the symptoms of concussion and to be able to manage the return to function and return to play process.

    Podium’s SportSmart platform will eventually enable users to be able to find CCMI accredited concussion clinics as well as other NHS and concussion clinic providers throughout the UK. Helping parents and players access the care they need to manage their return to play following a concussion.