NGO and charity committed to reducing injury in sport

School Partner

Wellington College

An independent co-educational boarding and day school with 1090 pupils aged 13-18
  • “The opportunity to be part of the Podium programme was a natural fit for Wellington as it provides the opportunity for us to assist and support a research process aimed at understanding – and thereby reducing – the risk of injury to physically active teenagers. By its nature, sport can never be entirely risk-free, but we hope we can contribute in a way that will allow both young and old to stay active and to stay as safe as possible. Wellington College is both proud and excited to be part of this unique initiative.”
  • Nestled in a stunning 400-acre parkland campus in Berkshire, Wellington College is the place where a fusion of originality, innovation and 160 years of tradition and history produces an education unlike any other.

    The College is a vibrant and inspiring coeducational boarding and day school whose educational philosophy is based on values of kindness, courage, respect, integrity and responsibility, and is celebrated not only for its academic achievements but also for its sporting, artistic and dramatic provision which are second to none. Stellar examination results, outstanding provision across all co-curricular areas, and a raft of national accolades contribute to the College’s national and international reputation. 

    At Wellington our vision is that all pupils should take part in a sports programme appropriate to their ambitions and aspirations. We want pupils to participate in sport for their whole life, and while at school to be challenged and supported to perform to the best of their ability. We believe sport has the capacity to develop life skills, and thus supports the College’s aim of pursuing a holistic model of education. Overall, we wish to provide a sports programme that is based on engagement, enjoyment, and development, with positive outcomes for all. Catering equally for elite performers, and for those who see sport more recreationally, Wellington is a school that understands the value of sport and so provides a wealth of opportunities for every pupil to excel at the level that is appropriate to them. We believe that sport can transform the life chances of young people in their personal, social, academic and working environments.

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