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Your single solution to youth sports injury management


The SportSmart platform provides a single solution for the reporting, tracking and management of PE lessons and sports sessions, as well as any injuries that happen. Enjoy improved efficiency and a clearer oversight of the health and wellbeing of your players.

SportSmart also includes a Head Injury Assessment tool, giving your team the confidence to assess and respond appopriately to a suspected concussion in a few simple steps. 

The easy-to-use app can be used on the go, whichever device you’re using.

getting set up

Getting set up on the SportSmart Platform is quick and easy.
Here’s how. 

Step 1

Sign up your organisation

Step 2

Legal agreements & organisation set-up

Step 3

Staff training

Step 4

SportSmart is live!

Introducing Graduated Return to Play post-Concussion


Easy sign-up process

Seamless Management Information Systems (MIS) integration

Incident reporting

Guidance for non-medical staff

Player matching across schools, clubs and academies

Head Injury Assessment tool

Complete Concussion Management

Automatic injury notifications for easier follow-up

Desktop and mobile

Sport-specific reporting

Injury-free sessions

Dashboards and reporting

We know that people take part in different sports, across multiple teams and at different organisations. Between PE, club sport and matches, it can be hard to keep up.

Linked with the SportSmart app, MySportSmart helps parents/carers and players over 18 to manage participation and any injuries that take place during sport. The free app gives you instant access to the latest activity and injury updates from the organisations that you or your child attends, allowing you to make updates and manage a safe return to sport.

To join, you’ll need to be invited by your school or club. Click below to register interest for your organisation.

what happens to your data

Looking after your data is a key part of the SportSmart system. No named data collected through the app will be used without permission. 

How we safely anonymise your data
Test by NV

who we’re working with

We collaborate with schools and clubs across the UK to deliver safer sport.

“It has been a pleasure for our school to be involved with the work of Podium Analytics over the last year. A project that aims to help reduce the incidence of injury in school sport links closely with Canford’s sport and wellbeing vision and we look forward to together helping create a safer future for all pupils.”

Tony Diprose, Director of Sport and Physical Wellbeing, Canford School

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  • 28 Mar 2024

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  • 15 Mar 2024

Two heads are far stronger than one: Coming together with a common goal to shape the future of sports injury

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Understanding the Teenage Growth Spurt: Navigating Time’s Influence on Health and Development

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sportsmart faqs

How much does SportSmart cost?

SportSmart is fully funded and delivered at no cost to schools and clubs.

Who is SportSmart for?

SportSmart has been designed with coaches and PE teachers in mind, to help you deliver safer sport, PE and physical activity. The SportSmart platform includes functionality for first aiders and medical professionals.

How do I get involved?

To sign your school or club up to the SportSmart injury management platform, simply complete this form or email us at and the team will be in touch to help you get up and running in three easy steps.

What do we do with player data?

Looking after your data is a key part of SportSmart. No named data collected through the app will be used without permission. For our broader landscape research, all data has certain information removed meaning that no individual, school or club, coach or teacher or parent/carer is identifiable. This process is called anonymisation.

Any specific research project will always require consent. If a school or club chooses to be involved in a specific research project, they will need to contact the parent/carer of player or, if over 18 the player themselves, directly and ask them if they are happy to participate. Only the data of those who have consented will be used for that specific project.

Each individual project will require its own explicit consent and a participant can remove that consent at any time by contacting

Want to find out more about how we use your data? Click here

Where is the data stored?

The data collected through  SportSmart is stored in Podium’s secure data lake. To find out more, click here

Can parents/carers and players see the information being recorded?

At the moment, information recorded in the injury management platform can only be accessed by school and club staff.

We are in the process of developing a player and parent/carer portal. This will allow parents/carers and over 18s to view any relevant incident reports and sessions quickly and easily.

How do I get involved in research projects?

The SportSmart team will share regular updates of new research projects that are underway. If your organisation is interested in taking part, you will be able to volunteer directly. The team will then be in touch with further details.