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AI and Machine Learning

Harnessing the power of technology to drive deep understanding

  • Podium is making use of advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to interpret, manage and research the data that we collect.

    Artificial Intelligence is the use of computers to do tasks that have previously been thought of as requiring human intervention, such as visual perception, speech recognition and decision making. Machine Learning is a particular discipline within Artificial Intelligence which enables computer systems to learn and adapt without following explicit instructions, by the analysis and drawing of inferences from patterns in data. 

    Computers can analyse millions of items of data which can greatly accelerate Podium’s understanding and capabilities. For example, Podium is working with Microsoft and specific sports National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to train machine learning algorithms to be able to identify specific injury events from video footage that can help with diagnosis and treatment of injury. 

    Podium is also working with Microsoft to use AI to analyse many thousands of academic papers on sports injury to draw out themes and connections which could point to specific areas of interest to research. 

    A very good application of Machine Learning is in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Podium and Microsoft are working together to use NLP to help capture the very best injury incident information by transcribing voice and audio descriptions of injuries, and also using chatbot technology to augment our usual mobile app interfaces so that we can cater for all user preferences for providing information to us. 

    We also use AI to protect our platform, by learning what ‘normal’ behaviour looks like across our networks, systems and data, isolating abnormal usage and effecting an autonomous proportionate response.