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Creating impactful change where it matters, through our community of schools and clubs

  • SportSmart has been developed to support the needs of teachers, coaches and sport medical practitioners within schools and clubs. Underpinning the SportSmart programme is an innovative and accessible digital platform that enables risk management and injury prevention for Sport and PE. The programme is delivered at no cost for schools and clubs.

    With the SportSmart app you can:

    • Allow staff to log, track and monitor all sports injuries

    • Access the latest Head Injury Assessment tools

    • Link to your school’s Management Information Systems (MIS) to integrate with timetables, and student and staff data 

    • Send notifications to other members of staff for injury follow-up and information

    • Provide sports injury data back to your organisation through reports and dashboards that highlight information on A&E visits, players off lessons, concussions, return-to-play etc.

    • Contribute to wider research projects working to create a safer world of sport

    SportSmart’s Head Injury Tool uses the latest concussion guidelines to help staff assess and manage a head injury when it occurs in a PE lesson or sport session. Alerts and notifications ensure relevant staff members are notified automatically ensuring the best duty of care for the player.

    To find out more about SportSmart contact the team here.

  • SportSmart Single Player View

    Young people often participate in sport and PE across multiple organisations and within multiple sports – at schools, clubs or talent pathways. Ensuring each of these is up to speed with an individual player’s records is not simple, meaning important information can be lost.

    The SportSmart App allows players and parents to connect records between organisations. When information is logged, the player’s profile is automatically updated, so teachers and coaches can see a player’s activity levels, injury/incident reports and any other essential information.

    The Single Player View enables better player care and helps staff at each organisation to act ahead of a session to minimise lost training or competing time.


    Multi-Sport Landscape Research

    The data collected through the SportSmart programme is anonymised and then contributes to Podium’s multi-sport landscape research. This project will begin to provide a unique view on PE and sporting activities and injuries across the UK. In turn, this bird's eye view of the youth and grassroots sport will allow Podium, NGB partners, Government and official bodies to identify areas of concern and either undertake further research or implement support to those on the ground.


    Real-World Research Projects

    The SportSmart community will be welcomed to contribute to Podium’s other research projects, working with us to tackle the key issues impacting young people at schools and clubs. 

    For these projects, we will work with smaller cohorts to collect more in-depth information, test new approaches or protocols or refine the effective rollout of interventions before they are made available to the wider community. 

    Each project will be treated on a case-by-case basis, so look out for news from Podium or the SportSmart team.